What Is Anti-Party, Did You See Me With APC Members? – Orbih Challenges Group Calling For Sanctions

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The South-South National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dan Orbih has stated that he does not reply faceless groups.

He said this while reacting to a group, Edo State PDP Youth League calling for sanctions against alleged anti-party activities

The PDP chieftain stated that it is his responsiblity to uphold the constitution of the party at all times, adding that those who are aggrieved should seek redress in court.

Speaking to Vanguard, Orbih said that the group in question is unknown to the PDP.

According to him, “I am a member of the party organ, I am the chairman of the South-South zone, my oath of office is that I should uphold the constitution of the party at all times, if people are claiming that their rights have been abused and their privileges to stand as delegates have been denied them and they go to seek redress what do you want me to do, it is by my oath of office to defend the constitution.

“I don’t reply to faceless groups because the group you are talking about is unknown to the party, it is unknown to the constitution, it is unknown to the leadership of the party so I cannot just be reacting to every roadside statement accredited to an unknown group.

“What is anti-party, we need to define it, did you hear me attending an APC or did you see me in the company of APC, if people who are bonafide members of the PDP come to me, do you expect me to chase them from my presence? I have been found wanting in terms of loyalty to the party, I have never done anything, those who are guilty of anti-party, the party will close their eyes to their activities, people go outside the party to give key positions and appointments to none members of the party and you don’t call it anti-party.”