“The pikin sef shock” – Reactions As Nigerian Father Consumes His Baby’s Meal While Feeding The Toddler (WATCH)

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An adorable video capturing the moment a Nigerian man was consuming his baby’s meal instead of feeding the toddler has generated hilarious comments among social media users.

In the video shared on TikTok, the baby’s mother disclosed that she had asked her husband to feed the baby while she prepared dinner but her husband had been consuming the baby’s custard.

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The shocking scene recorded by the wife showcases her husband holding their baby in his arms and feeding on his baby’s custard while the baby was crying heavily.

The baby’s crying had brought her attention to the sitting room, where, she was stunned to find her husband consuming the baby’s custard.

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She captioned

“you asked your husband to feed his baby while you prepare dinner”

The video has generated hilarious comments as netizens opine that the man is also his wife’s baby, hence, he can consume the baby’s meal willingly.

Viewers marvel at her husband’s action as men tend to lament about the sudden change in a baby’s meal.

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@okeoghene_ufuoma Letter you wonder why the baby is still crying after eating all that food not knowing his fellow baby helped him out in eating 🥣 it 😂😂

@lorde4real If baby food finish now he go dy shout how😂 😂😂

@kaybuddie3 Later u go call ur husband baby,but u don’t want him to eat baby food with the other baby

@ayomi__x Please prepare dinner fast before en go finish the custard still chop the baby join😭😂

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