Social media Influencer, Papaya Ex brǝaks silence over N235k sc@m allǝgat!on for a free money-making class (WATCH)

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Social media influencer, Papaya Ex breaks silence over N235k scam allegation for a free training class as many slammed her for receiving payments and blocking them afterward.

Recall that a young lady, who claimed to be a student from the influencer’s free training class had accused her of receiving N235,000 and blocked her from the WhatsApp group chat.

Papaya Ex

Papaya disclosed that she had announced her plan to teach people how to make money on social media with their phones from the comfort of their homes and in transit.

Speaking on the allegations, Papaya has called out the lady, asking her to provide evidence of payment to back up her claims as she vowed to take legal action against the lady. She mentioned that the N235,000 isn’t hers but for the training academy.

Papaya ExPapaya Ex

The influencer claimed she never delivered any uniform, pen, or paper as a training kit to any registered student in the money-making class group. She regarded herself as a financially stable lady, who doesn’t live by extorting people.

She wrote,

“WATCH! I’d never scxam anyone! I ain’t delivering no uniforms, pen or papers to anyone…Beware of sxcam, I’m not doing any send 5k to earn 400k. I’d never message you first on any app.”

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