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Notcoin drops by 11% as airdrop claim ends 


Notcoin, the cryptocurrency project that handed Nigerians their first major earnings from an airdrop campaign has dropped by 11% following the end of its airdrop claim yesterday.

The Notcoin team announced the end of the airdrop claim on X while giving an update on the number of Notcoin holders and their various on-chain activities.

“The claim is over. A month ago, Notcoin was listed and became a real community token, owned by you and people like you. So far, Notcoin has 11.5 million holders: they’ve claimed tokens, staked, sent to exchanges, or withdrawn on-chain. Most of the drop was already distributed. Unclaimed tokens will be used for future development, and part of them will be burned.

In addition, there will be an extra reward for those who staked for Gold and Platinum levels. The more you do for Notcoin, the more you get back, as usual. Details this week. Get ready to celebrate. GN for now” The Notcoin team tweeted.

Current price

At the time of writing this report, Notcoin is trading at $0.01797 representing an 11.3% drop in price value. This is the lowest it has been since Friday morning according to Coingecko data.

The crypto asset is trading 168.6% higher than its price during its launch a month ago.

Despite the price drop, Notcoin is still the 58th largest crypto asset on Coingecko with a market capitalization of $1.8 billion. This makes Notcoin larger than popular projects like the likes of DeFi lending protocol Aave (AAVE), Solana decentralized exchange Jupiter (JUP), and the much-hyped Ethereum L2 zkSync (ZK).

Notcoin has seriously gained from the recent success of Play to Earn crypto projects powered by the messaging app Telegram. Its boost since its launch is also driven by activity to boost the airdrop claim which closed yesterday.

The airdrop claim gave players the option to send their tokens to an exchange, withdraw to a self-custody wallet, or stake them within the Notcoin ecosystem for early extra rewards.

Notcoin in its announcement of the end of the airdrop claim also stated that it would share details later this week about how gold and platinum-level stakers can earn extra rewards.

What to know 

  • Notcoin is a telegram-based crypto gaming project which currently has over 35 million players. It is one of the foremost and most successful plays to earn crypto projects which earned Nigerians and other global players tangible money through airdrops.
  • Other play-to-earn crypto projects powered by Telegram include Hamster Kombat, Tapswap, and Yescoin.

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