“No, they are Ghanaians please” – Netizens reacts to g@y couple’s claim to be from Ondo state, Nigeria (VIDEO)


Mixed reactions from netizens trailed the TikTok video of a gay couple @guhdehphillipp who are based in the United Kingdom but are from Nigeria.

The duo answered a question posed to them which accused them of lying to be Nigerians. The stud among them retorted in not-so-fluent Yoruba saying, “how can you say I’m not a Nigerian, I came from Okun, Ondo state. Rubbish…”

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While some viewers admire their poise, energy and accent, a larger percentage were appalled by the display, rejecting them as Nigerians. They bemoan their exit from brotherhood into being queer.

Read some of the comments curated:

Screenshot 2024 06 28 150435Screenshot 2024 06 28 150435

olamide_rafiu08: Two son lost again 😴

maanaroyal: So we now have Yoruba gààyys?💔

samdot1001: I love GAY People ❤️❤️❤️

wurami_baby: Thank God he’s not from Osun 😒

evve__lynn: We dash them to the Ghanaians please 😂

marco_exchanger: Na wa….see full grown up man….some parents dey go through a lot

khadijat.aa: Both of una dey cra ze.

sandrabenede: And the boyfriend fine o. Why is always the fine boys 😂

officialogvictor: I like their energy and accent ❤️😍

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