Nigerian Man Stúnned As He Spots ‘Keke Napep’ Tricycle In The UK (WATCH)

keke uk

A Nigerian man has sparked buzz on social media after sharing a video of a familiar sight in an unexpected location, spotting a ‘keke napep,’ or tricycle, operating on the streets of the UK.

The man, who is accustomed to seeing these three-wheeled vehicles plying the roads in Nigeria, was left in a state of disbelief when he encountered one carrying passengers in the UK.

Sharing the video on social media, the man expressed his amazement, remarking:

“Keke in uk. Life don dey balance small small”.


The video, which has since gone viral, has captured the attention of many social media users, both Nigerians and non-Nigerians, who have been amused by the unexpected appearance of this mode of transportation in a country known for its well-developed public transport system.

This unexpected sighting has not only entertained social media users but has also started conversations online amongst netizens.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

@Gwen“😂😂😂 must be Bradford”

@Kobad Jr“Passenger no day front?😹”

@Big_Ompa🦅 : “imagine the first Nigerian who saw it go be lyk “you sure say nah UK dis plane carry me come ?” 😂😂”

@YASUKE : “UK Don turn state for Nigeria 😂🔥”

@Stephen Black : “yesterday I saw a danfo bus on my street 😭 not even joking”

@nuel 💐 : “my brother e neva de balance until Tinubu become president of United Stat


See the video below: