Nigerian big boy cries a river while begging his girlfriend not to go home (VIDEO)

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A young Nigerian man has broken the ‘bro code’ after he was captured in a video shared on X (Twitter) crying his eyes out after his girlfriend told him she was leaving.


The young man who has become so attached to the love of his life, cried till his eyes turned red and kept begging her to stay.

According to his girlfriend who shared the video online, she disclosed that he had been weeping since she told him she was leaving his house.


Even after she tried to console him and assure him of the love they shared, the young man continued crying and begging her to stay.

She could be heard saying; “Stop crying now, you have been crying since yesterday why are you behaving like this, I already told you I would come back now.”

Below are some of the reactions;

@oluwatosin_glor:  SOrry Sorry Don’t cry She is even rubbing his smooth chin This is love

@ibukun_tayo:  Then Pablo should pay for her Bride price. If na the enjoyment dey worry am.

@Ralphbezz:  Mumu he is a beginner. Wetin women go do you for this life eh, your body go tell you.

@miraclejoe241:  If he know say na like that make he kuku pay pride price marry am

@ola_priceless:  So because I dey cry say make you no leave, you now have the effrontery to carry camera and record me, this guy don suffer

See the video below,