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I would rather die than apologize to Obi Cubana —VeryDarkMan

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VeryDarkman, amidst pressure from blogger and mutual friend Tunde Ednut, has staunchly refused to apologize or remove a post criticizing billionaire businessman Obi Cubana.

Recall that the post in question thrashed Obi Cubana for cautioning blogs against featuring younger individuals disrespecting their elders, claiming Obi Cubana neglects to support youth in society.

In attempts to mediate, Tunde Ednut urged Verydarkman to delete the post for the sake of peace, but Verydarkman adamantly declined, stating he would rather face any consequence than apologize or remove the content.

He further threatened to expose private conversations of anyone intervening on behalf of Obi Cubana, emphasizing his allegiance solely to his ancestors and God, not to wealth or individuals.

“With all due respect, @mazitundeednut I know I’m not supposed to post this but at this point, this is a warning that anybody that calls me in respect of anyone, I will post your chats.
It’s crazy how the world didn’t drag Tunde Ednut when their billionaire threw his shot but when I responded, una start to drag the innocent man.

“Anyways, if anybody needs an apology the person should apologize to me first.

“I don’t worship money, I don’t worship man. I worship my ancestors and God. Peace out, ALUTA CONTINUA,” he wrote.