Council polls: Kwara Commission warns political parties on guidelines

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Kwara State Independent Electoral Commission, KWASIEC, has issued new policies on the forthcoming September 21 council polls.

The Commission in a statement by the Chairman, Muhammed Baba Okanla, warned that any political party that failed to involve KWSIEC in their primary election process would have their results invalidated.

According to the statement, the decision comes as part of its ongoing commitment to ensure the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.

It stated that the involvement of the state electoral commission was crucial for maintaining public trust and upholding democratic principles.

“All political parties must involve the KWSIEC in their primary elections. This includes notifying the body of the primary election dates, procedures, and any changes to the election process.

“The Kwara State Independent Electoral Commission will supervise and monitor all primary elections to ensure they are conducted fairly and transparently. This includes the presence of official observers at voting sites and the implementation of standardized election procedures.

“Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the primary election results being deemed invalid,” the statement warned.

The state electoral body asserted that it would not recognize or accept any primary results from parties that did not adhere to the policies.