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Community outrage as Abuja estate tragedy exposes alleged land corruption

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In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a building at the controversial Praco Limited Estate in Guzape, Abuja, collapsed amid a torrential downpour on Friday, raising alarms over ongoing corruption and illegal land acquisitions in the region.

The incident has left an undetermined number of workers feared dead, and rescue operations have been severely hampered by the relentless rain.

Local sources, including eyewitnesses and residents, expressed their frustration and anger, linking the disaster to a broader narrative of corruption and malpractice.

Nicholas Ukachukwu, an Anambra businessman and owner of Praco Limited, has been at the center of a significant land scandal involving the illegal acquisition of over 100 plots of land in Abuja.

“Plot 458 Guzape is just one of many illegally acquired plots by Ukachukwu, who has allegedly used his wealth to manipulate and corrupt officials within the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA),” said a resident familiar with the case.

“The recent collapse is a direct consequence of unchecked greed and corruption.”

The estate, located on one of the 111 plots in Guzape, was allegedly acquired without ministerial approval during a period of administrative transition in July 2023.

Upon assuming office, the new Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, swiftly moved to revoke these allocations following numerous complaints from the original allottees.

“Construction work was supposed to be halted, and demolition had already begun on one of the illegally acquired plots,” explained a legal expert involved in the ongoing court battles.

“However, Ukachukwu has continued to use his financial clout to undermine legal processes and persist with illegal construction.”

Residents and stakeholders have voiced their concerns about the FCDA officials’ role in the scandal, accusing them of collusion and corruption.

“The minister’s frustration is palpable,” a source close to the FCT administration disclosed.

“Despite clear directives, some civil servants have been complicit in allowing these illegal activities to continue.”

The collapse has sparked a renewed call for accountability and transparency in the administration of land in Abuja.

“This tragic event should be a wake-up call,” stated a community leader.

“We demand thorough investigations and stringent measures to ensure such disasters, born of corruption and negligence, never happen again.”

As rescue efforts continue amidst challenging weather conditions, the community remains hopeful that this incident will finally bring about much-needed reforms and justice for those affected by the scandal.

The broader implications of this collapse extend beyond the immediate loss, highlighting systemic issues within Abuja’s land management and development sectors.