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Today's Wordle Hints & Answer – May 20, 2024 (Puzzle #1066)

may 20 2024 wordle hints and answer puzzle 1066 with umbrellas nicer than the other in the background

May 20’s Wordle answer could pose a challenge for many players if they stick to using random guesses or dive in without a strategy. The answer also contains two vowels that might not be difficult to discover at first, but it can be made easier if you use a different mode. You can also use some starting words that give you a slight advantage from the beginning.

Since Wordle’s hard mode is slightly more challenging than the regular mode, many players refrain from using it. However, this mode is perfect for finding the correct positions of the two vowels and hopefully solving the puzzle. This mode will not let you use confirmed letters in random spots, preventing you from using random guesses.

Since today’s answer is difficult to solve, we recommend using some words in your first few attempts that will give you more perspective. These starting words will let you discover some attributes from the answer, such as consonants, vowels, and other letters. Once you know some of these elements, you will have an easier time solving today’s Wordle without actually cheating.




If you need some tips to solve most Wordle questions, check out this video by BuzzFeedPlayer on YouTube.

If you’ve wasted a few attempts but don’t want to take any more risks, you can use some hints that might point you in the right direction. We’ve listed four hints below that should give you a fair idea about the answer without spoiling it. However, you should still be careful before guessing to solve May 16’s Wordle answer.

Since it is possible that you might be on your last attempt, in this situation you shouldn’t use another guess. This could lead you to lose your long streak. Instead, we recommend using the answer instead and try your luck again tomorrow. However, if you used all the starting words we suggested earlier, you could have solved today’s Wordle answer easily.

May 20’s Wordle answer is NICER.

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Video Credit: BuzzFeedPlayer/YouTube