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This Ultimate Darth Vader Cosplay Reveals The Power Of The Dark Side

darth vader 1

A Star Wars cosplayer has perfectly captured the terrifying energy of Darth Vader. From his first introduction in the franchise, Darth Vader has been considered to be one of cinema’s most menacing and powerful villains. Darth Vader’s power in the dark side of the Force is evident from the start, particularly when General Tarkin taunts him on the Death Star for having such faith in something that the rest of the galaxy had largely forgotten. This cosplay encapsulates Vader’s power and might that are fueled by the dark side.

Cosplayer Darth Burkhard took to Instagram to show off his amazingly detailed Vader cosplay.

The cosplay is remarkably intricate and accurate to Vader’s suit in the movies, right down to the red lightsaber casting light on the smoke drifting around the floor of what looks to be Vader’s ship or throne room. The caption, “You are brave to appear here in my fortress! Unfortunately, it will be your last brave act….” perfectly captures the chilling way Darth Vader would interact with even his boldest adversaries.

Despite his insecurities, Anakin Skywalker had an arrogance that fueled him in battle. Time and time again, Anakin is shown to struggle with his pride and anger, usually fueled by the pressure he felt from his possible role as the Jedi’s Chosen One. By the time Anakin became a Jedi Knight, his short fuse and pride would clash with the Code he was trying so hard to live up to. When he fell to the dark side, those traits would only serve to make him more powerful when he no longer needed to keep them in check.

Anakin wanted to become a Jedi to make the galaxy better, but his anger and hate grew with his power, eventually driving him into the arms of Palpatine and the dark side. As Darth Vader, Anakin’s hatred would become even more focused. Free of his desire to impress or protect anyone, Vader fully surrenders to the power of the dark side, making him focused on vanquishing any enemy. Whether he’s actively battling someone or simply intimidating a subordinate, Darth Vader’s fearsome demeanor is one of Star Wars’ most iconic elements.