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The CW's The Librarians Spinoff Show Casts First Lead Role

The upcoming The Librarians spinoff The Librarians: The Next Chapter has found its first major cast member. Both shows are part of the universe of the TV movie franchise The Librarian, which takes place in a world where caretakers known as Librarians protect a repository of ancient magical artifacts. The upcoming spinoff, which is set to air on The CW in the 2024-2025 season, will follow a time-traveling Librarian who accidentally unleashes magical forces upon the normal world and must bring together a new team to stop them.

Per Deadline, the Librarians spinoff has cast Jessica Green in a major role. She will be playing Charlie Cornwall, who was previously rejected to be a Guardian to one of the Librarians in spite of her tremendous martial arts skills and strong desire to be a part of the Library. However, she gets her chance to redeem herself at the beginning of the show when she is appointed as a temporary special Guardian, possibly in response to the urgent situation that must be contained.

Joining the Librarians cast will be something of a homecoming for Green, who previously starred in the CW show The Outpost. She held the lead role as the supernaturally gifted Talon on all four seasons of the show’s run between 2018 and 2021. Green will likely feel quite comfortable in her role in The Librarians: The Next Chapter given both shows’ connections to the fantasy genre.

The Outpost isn’t even Green’s first time starring in an episodic sci-fi-fantasy show, as she kicked off her career in 2012 with the short-lived Australian teen show Lightning Point, which was known internationally as Alien Surf Girls. Green’s other television credits are more varied, as she has also appeared in the horror sequel show Ash vs Evil Dead and the crime procedural FBI: International. She has also taken on a period production by playing Cleopatra on season 2 of the Netflix docudrama Roman Empire, which was titled Julius Caesar: Master of Rome.

In addition to her television work, Green has also appeared in a variety of movies. Most prominently, she was a part of the Air cast, starring as Katrina Sainz opposite Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Viola Davis. With all of these other genres in her portfolio, it seems possible that she could be bringing in quite a few influences from outside the fantasy genre when bringing her character to life in The Librarians: The Next Chapter.

Source: Deadline

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