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Love Is Blind’s Jessica Vestal Accuses Jimmy Presnell Of Lying About Their Breakup

Love Is Blind season 6 star Jessica Vestal is speaking out about her final date in the pods with Jimmy Presnell, which she claims he’s been lying to the media about. Throughout Love Is Blind season 6, Jessica has been lauded by fans for her direct, straightforward attitude about her relationship with Jimmy, even when it appeared he would choose someone else to move forward with. A single mother, Jessica came into Love Is Blind to find the love of her life, but she was far more pragmatic about her relationship with Jimmy than others were in their different connections.

Commenting on E!’s Instagram post of Jimmy sharing that their final date was “terrible” and the series only showed the parts that highlighted Jessica’s strength, she decided not to hold back. “This is easier for him to say than the whatever the real reason was that he didn’t want to be with me. Notice in all the interviews I’ve done, I speak highly of him and our experience,” Jessica commented.

She continued, calling Jimmy out for his decision to speak poorly about her rather than focusing on the experience in a genuine light. “In his interviews, he takes every opportunity to speak poorly of me and flat out lie,” Jessica said. “It truly speaks volumes and is so disheartening.”

While Jimmy and Jessica may not be fans of each other outside of the Love Is Blind season 6 pods, their relationship inside of the experiment was something many fans were rooting for. After meeting on Love Is Blind, Jessica felt Jimmy was exactly the person she’d been looking for. Making the decision to stay quiet about her daughter, Jessica let Jimmy get to know her before revealing she had a child. When she shared the truth, Jimmy quickly got icy with her and struggled to continue building their connection, though he wouldn’t let go of his relationship with Jessica.

When Jessica finally realized that she and Jimmy weren’t going to move forward in their relationship, she wanted to have some closure with him before leaving the pods. Jessica and Jimmy’s last meeting on Love Is Blind season 6 was difficult, but Jessica was able to stand up for herself and make it clear that she wasn’t going to stick around for Jimmy to be indirect with her. After the pod phase, the pair were able to meet in person and squash their beef further, but things have changed since the show’s Netflix premiere.

With Love Is Blind season 6’s episodes winding down, Jessica and Jimmy have been getting a lot of questions about their relationship even after he chose to propose to Chelsea Blackwell. Seeing their connection in the pods, fans have been convinced that Jimmy and Jessica’s connection was stronger than his with Chelsea. While Love Is Blind season 6 has been following Jimmy’s relationship with Chelsea, his time with Jessica is what has been making the most news.

Source: enews/Instagram

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