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Rivers Crisis: My govt started governance in February 2024, when we started taking decisions —Gov Fubara

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In a notable revelation, Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State has asserted that his administration commenced genuine governance just four months ago, specifically in February 2024, rather than at his constitutional inauguration in May 29, 2023.

This statement comes amidst lingering political turmoil involving the governor, his predecessor and the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, which significantly impacted the previous year.

Addressing the crowd at the inauguration of key road projects in the state on Tuesday, Governor Fubara elaborated on his administration’s trajectory, emphasizing the tangible progress achieved within a short timeframe.

He expressed confidence in his government’s ability to deliver transformative governance, citing the positive feedback received from the populace.

“We are just starting, but I assure you more attention. If in four months, we can do this, and we are getting this level of applause, you can imagine what will happen when we do one year of our record time, two years of our own record time,” Governor Fubara remarked.

“I know why I said four months. We started full governance in February, 2024. That was when we started taking decisions, when we started confronting governance. And I am proud to say that our people are happy with what we have done,” he explained.

Highlighting the significance of the Egbeda Internal Roads Project, Governor Fubara emphasized its dual purpose of addressing community needs and alleviating flooding challenges.

He underscored his administration’s commitment to prioritizing projects that directly impact the lives of the people, aiming to improve their quality of life and foster sustainable development.

Acknowledging the support of the people throughout the electoral process, Governor Fubara reiterated his administration’s obligation to deliver dividends of democracy, including infrastructure projects and social services.

He pledged to continue empowering communities and promoting inclusive governance, ensuring that the aspirations of Rivers State residents are met.

Fubara said, “One thing is awarding a job, another is delivering in record time. I want to appreciate the contractor for standing by his words.

“Let me also thank the great people of Egbeda, and by extension, the Emohua Local Government Area for your support before, during and after the elections. You have shown so much support.

“And for us, what do we owe you? We owe you the dividends of democracy. And what are the dividends of democracy? Service to our people!”

“There is nothing wrong in rebuilding a road, there is nothing wrong in promising to develop an area. But what is important is when you want to do those things, do them to the satisfaction of the people.

“And what we have done here in Egbeda today is not just building the internal roads, but meeting your needs, solving your flood problem, that is what we have done.

“So, I want to also thank you for your support, because you cooperated with the contractor, that is why he delivered in record time.”

Governor Fubara maintained that good governance, service and projects were being delivered at a cost-effective rate.

“What we want to do is to bring governance to our people, service delivery at record time, and in a cost effective way.

“Everything that we are doing is in my white paper. I carry it along, so, there is no issue of any manipulation. Call me any day, anytime, it is there. Even the ones I did before this time, I still have all the records.

“If you call me any day, I will bring the records of all my activities in government, because I know that as a civil servant, what is most important is record keeping; so that if you are not there, and something happens, it is just for somebody to pick up the file and he will see the history.

“That is how I am trained, and I have that in my mind before I do anything. So, I am not scared of anything. Anybody who calls me any day, anytime, I have my records to show. I have all the approvals to show that I acted based on approval and not personal decision,” he said.

Delta State Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, who performed the inauguration said that he drove with Governor Fubara on the road while accessing the venue of the event, and can testify of the commitment of his brother governor to sustain infrastructure development in the State.

He said, “This road project at Egbeda bears true testimony of the commitment of the Rivers State Government towards fulfilling its promise of sustainable infrastructure development of the state.

“It is reassuring that these all-season roads will economically empower, not only the people of Egbeda, but the entire Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.

“With these roads, the people will enjoy better socio-economic empowerment and integration between the local government and the rest of the state.”

The inauguration ceremony, held at Egbeda Community Secondary School field in Emohua Local Government Area, served as a testament to Governor Fubara’s commitment to fulfilling campaign promises and advancing the welfare of the people.

As the administration enters a new phase of governance, stakeholders anticipate further progress and development initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of all residents.