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Reps demand airport personnel audit, summon Keyamo over safety concerns

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The House of Representatives has sounded the alarm over safety standards at airports nationwide, calling for an urgent and thorough audit of all airport personnel.

This call to action, raised as a matter of urgent national importance by Honourable Jesse Onuakalusi during Tuesday’s sitting, underscores growing concerns about the competence and efficiency of airport staff.

The House, deeply troubled by reports of alleged employment of incompetent personnel, has directed the Minister of Aviation, Festus Keyamo, to spearhead a comprehensive audit of all airport personnel and contractors engaged in the past year.

The resolution further mandates Keyamo to appear before the House Aviation Committee within seven days to address these critical safety issues.

This move comes in response to recent revelations regarding safety lapses within the aviation sector, particularly involving local airline operator Air Peace.

The Civil Aviation Authority in the United Kingdom reportedly flagged concerns about Air Peace’s operations at Gatwick Airport in London, citing non-compliance with safety regulations during a ramp inspection.

According to Michael Achimugu, a spokesman for the NCAA, complaints from UKCAA prompted investigations into Air Peace’s operations at Gatwick, although the alleged violations were categorized as less serious infractions, falling short of Level 1 safety non-compliance.

In response to these allegations, Air Peace spokesman Stanley Olisa affirmed the airline’s commitment to safety and compliance, asserting that the issues raised by UKCAA were promptly addressed.

Olisa emphasized that Air Peace’s safety record and adherence to regulatory standards remain unwavering, dismissing claims of operational deficiencies.

Air Peace’s entry into the lucrative Lagos-London route has disrupted the market, prompting foreign carriers to slash prices in response to increased competition.

With Minister Festus Keyamo approving the airline’s expansion to include Abuja in its London route, Air Peace’s foray into international flights has garnered widespread praise, offering passengers more affordable options and stimulating healthy competition within the industry.

As the aviation sector grapples with safety concerns and regulatory scrutiny, the House of Representatives decisive action signals a commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and professionalism within Nigeria’s airports.

With the audit and Keyamo’s testimony on the horizon, stakeholders await concrete measures to address the identified shortcomings and uphold the integrity of Nigeria’s aviation industry.