Osun ‘Gay Coach’ Arrested By SSS


An Osun State football coach simply identified as Adebisi has been arrested by the State Security Service (SSS) for allegedly demanding sex from a male footballer named Micheal in Osogbo.

NewsNGR gathered that Micheal who usually trains with his teammates at Fakunle Unity Comprehensive High School was allegedly approached by Coach Adebisi for sex some weeks back.

Micheal was said to have been surprised because it was his first time seeing a gay.

Micheal told NewsNGR that after reporting the matter to the SSS, he was asked to play along. He said his affair with Adebisi started about three weeks ago.

He narrated, “When I left my former team, I decided to be training with Coach Adebisi’s team. On that fateful day, I met Coach Adebisi in Fakunle Comprehensive High School playground in Osogbo., he took me to a corner and showed me his private organ.

“I was disappointed. I have been hearing rumours of his gay act but his act that day left me disappointed. So when I told some senior players, they also condemned the act. I blocked his phone number.

“I told the captain of my team and the matter was reported at the DSS office in Osogbo here. I was told to unblock him and play along. Since last week, we started talking again. So he said I should meet him at Fakunle school last Saturday. So, I went to see him but when he was trying to touch me, I was to take his hand away. During this act, the school security saw us on that day but they were not aware of what was happening, so they saw us, greeted and left because they recognised me well in school.”

He disclosed that Adebisi thereafter gave him the address of his house to come over last Wednesday which he did after notifying DSS of the invite.

According to him, “I went to address he gave me around Isale Osun, Osogbo. He told me the apartment belonged to his brother. I followed him to a room in the building. We were initially chatting. But later, he moved towards me and told me to remove my clothes and I removed them, and he brought out his penis.

“During this, I was on chat with captain feeding him all that was happening. After he removed his trousers he brought out his penis and I removed mine as well, and at this time, he ejaculated, but I had no erection.

“When he realised I had no erection, he started playing porn videos. We were still there in the room where we were when DSS people came in and arrested him.”

A source at the SSS confirmed the incident to NewsNGR.

Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria and punishable by up to 16 years in prison.