“Islamically, a wife isn’t obligated to clean and cook. It’s the duty of the husband to provide her a servant to do chores for her if he has the means” – Nigerian Muslim lady shares

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The opinions of a Muslim Nigerian lady have sparked an outrage online after she suggested that it’s not a wife’s duty to clean and cook.

She stated that her claims are Islamic but some Muslim men are not aware because they do not care about their spouse.

The user who identified as @Fatima Ismail Yusuf went on to speak about how men only care about their rights, constantly ignoring the rights of women.

She also added that a Muslim woman doesn’t need to cook and clean and if she does it, it is because she wants to.

Her post read;

“Islamically, A wife isn’t obligated to clean, cook etc. it’s the duty of the Husband to provide her a servant to do chores for her if he has the means. Islam

And if a wife decides to do it, it’s for the kindness of her heart not mandatory. Men, know this things but decided to carry only I have the right to 4 wives and more for head! Do you know the rights of a woman you called your wife?”

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Below are some reactions;

@ladyq_crochet:  Even in Christianity they are doing same, picking out from the Bible only what favors them but women dare not mention a man as the provider they will be cursing you out

@omarianah:  Could that be the reason why those rich Arab wives always have maids

@passyera_empire:  When you see a core Muslim Wife Wey the husband dey practice the truth in their religion you go know. Those specie of wives sabi fresh

@realtor_in_lagos:  Amma marry a Muslim over and over again, love you baby you make life seamless