“I flee from every appearance of Nengi” – Spyro shares who he would never allow to be left in a room 

spyro x nengi

Nigerian singer Spyro has revealed that he can never allow himself to be left in a room alone with Big Brother Naija TV star Nengi.

The singer who shared this via his Instagram page, stated that he has learnt to flee from every appearance of the TV star.

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Speaking about an event where he met her for the first time, he noted that he kept pleading the blood of Jesus until he left the venue.

According to Spyro, Nengi is so appealing to the point that he does not trust himself when around her.

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He however chooses to stay away from her, because he doubts he would be able to resist her if they were alone.

His post read;

“An interviewer recently asked me, Which female in this industry would you never allow yourself be left in a room with? Guess who I named? That would be NENGI I no de like de too form like say I be JESUS, I am just his BOY, I ain’t him so I FLEE FROM EVERY APPEARANCE OF NENGI make dem no get me. Humnnnn …. Naso I jam her for one show, she sat right opposite me and I kept rebuking the devil to leave my head till I had to run”

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