Doyin Okupe declares himself an evangelist after surviving cancer twice


Doyin Okupe, a former presidential spokesperson for the Labour Party, has proclaimed himself an evangelist of Jesus Christ. Okupe shared this revelation while recounting his battle with cancer and his journey to weight loss during an appearance on Channels Television’s programme, Political Paradigm.

When asked if his weight loss was due to surgery or discipline, Okupe explained, “It’s a combination of both. Initially, I had cancer, and the chemotherapy caused nausea and loss of appetite, which led to significant weight loss. I started chemotherapy at 127kg and dropped to 97kg. After the treatment, my weight stabilized at 103kg.”

Okupe revealed that this was his second victory over cancer, the first being prostate cancer 16 years ago, and this time, it was cancer in the soft tissues of his right shoulder.

“In all of this, I bear witness to God and Jesus Christ. I am a testimony to the fact that there is nothing the Lord God Jehovah cannot do. From now on, I am an evangelist and a witness for Christ,” Okupe declared.