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APC Chieftain Slams Tinubu: ‘No Lagos miracle on national stage’

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Salihu Mohammed Lukman, a former National Vice Chairman (North-West) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has voiced scathing criticism of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s leadership, asserting that there is no indication of replicating the famed “Lagos success story” at the national level, even a year into his tenure.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Lukman lamented the failure of President Tinubu’s government to instil confidence in Nigerians regarding its ability to address the country’s challenges.

He expressed disappointment over what he perceived as policy missteps and reversals, exacerbating crises of insecurity, inflation, unemployment, and poverty.

“Painfully, against every expectation that President Asiwaju Tinubu will reignite the Lagos success story at the national level, his government is more and more creating doubts in the minds of Nigerians,” Lukman stated.

Highlighting the persistent insecurity and socio-economic woes plaguing the nation, Lukman highlighted the urgent need for transformative leadership capable of addressing the aspirations and concerns of the populace.

He bemoaned the lack of inclusive governance after 25 years of democratic rule, criticizing the failure to prioritize the interests of the citizenry.

In his statement titled “Illusive Politics: What is to be Done,” Lukman criticized the political landscape, decrying the elevation of “political mercenaries” who opposed Tinubu’s election during the 2023 elections to positions of influence within the party, while sidelining loyalists who stood by him.

“Party loyalists who campaigned and stood by him have been denied access and are being held in contempt,” Lukman remarked, highlighting the apparent disconnect between party rhetoric and actions.

Furthermore, Lukman chastised the APC and its leadership for falling short of delivering on campaign promises, which, in his view, has undermined Nigeria’s democracy and eroded the gains made as a nation.

As Lukman’s critique reverberates within political circles, it underscores the growing disillusionment among segments of the populace and raises questions about the trajectory of Nigeria’s governance under Tinubu’s leadership.

With mounting challenges facing the nation, the call for effective and accountable governance becomes ever more urgent, demanding concrete action and tangible results to address the pressing needs of the Nigerian people.