“The pressure is getting wesser”— Funny moment passersby were stuck in Lagos traffic


A Nigerian passenger in a Lagos commercial bus captured the video of a young school girl and another man who were stuck in traffic.

The girl had tried to maneuver her way through the hold-up but everywhere was blocked and tight with vehicles locked bumper-to-bumper with one another.

She had to go to her previous stand to wait for the traffic to move before she continues her journey.

The other man did not even try to look for a way out but had just stood still resigned to fate.

All these were captured by our videographer who laughed with other passengers joining in.

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They were heard saying in English-Yoruba code mixing, “hold-up even catch trekker”.

Viewers online hilariously responded to the video by quoting Lagos as the place where anything can happen no matter how inconceivable.

@ith_samadfk: Lasgidi go humble pesin

@morgan_of_lagos: Our LAGOS 🙌😂😂😂

@adisaonifoto_ng: One and only Lagos where you have to leave 3 hours prior if you don’t want to be late