Zambian socialite Mutale Mwanza summoned for questioning at police headquarters

Mutale Mwanza vs police

Well-known Zambian socialite Mutale Mwanza has been summoned by the law enforcers to appear before police headquarters for questioning on Monday next week.

Mwanza has confirmed of the development in a statement posted on her official Facebook page seen by this publication.

According to Mwanza, the law enforcers have not disclosed the reasons for her summon.

“I have received a cryptic summons from the Police via Police HQ . Inspector Illishebo has requested my presence at HQ without divulging any details. Despite my curiosity, he remained mum, citing higher instructions.

“I have confirmed my availability for Monday at 10:00a.m. and am eager to cooperate,” wrote Mwanza.

She added: “The plot thickens! I wonder if they’ll allow me to capture some footage for my TV show – ratings gold! Either way, I’ll keep you all posted.

“It’s on for 10:00a.m. on Monday! ”.

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