Workers remove dozens of suspected Cannabis plants from Wisconsin Capitol garden

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An individual’s scheme to harvest numerous seemingly marijuana plants cultivated on the grounds of the Wisconsin state Capitol has fizzled out.

The plants emerged amidst a tulip garden outside the Capitol, as per a report by WMTV-TV.

Tatyana Warrick, a spokesperson for the state Department of Administration, informed The Associated Press via email on Friday that workers had uprooted the plants. However, her agency was unable to conclusively ascertain whether they were marijuana or hemp. Both varieties belong to the cannabis family, but solely marijuana contains the psychoactive compound.

Warrick refrained from addressing inquiries regarding how the plants might have found their way into the garden.

Shelby Ellison, a botanist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who examined the plants for WMTV before their removal, confirmed to the station that they were indeed cannabis plants. However, when speaking to The Associated Press on Friday, she expressed uncertainty about whether they were marijuana or hemp.

Ellison noted the presence of numerous plants in the garden, indicating intentional cultivation. “It was just a large number of plants for it to be anything accidental,” she remarked.

Marijuana remains unlawful in all manifestations in Wisconsin. During the previous session, Assembly Republicans proposed a bill to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, yet failed to garner backing from their state Senate counterparts, and the proposal never advanced to a hearing.