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Why Colin Matchmaking For Penelope Is So Scandalous In Bridgerton Season 3

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This article contains spoilers for Bridgerton season 3.

While Bridgerton season 3 is teeming with dramas, there is one particular situation that is very scandalous for the Regency Era, making it a big deal in the season, and that is Colin helping Penelope get a husband. During Bridgerton season 3, part 1, Penelope decides that she must get out of her house before another member of the Featherington family is able to take control of her. Therefore, Pen dedicates herself to finding a husband. Unfortunately though, her lack of natural charm makes this endeavor difficult, leading to an unlikely scenario in which Colin helps her get a husband.

As is the case for most seasons of Bridgerton, this scandalous situation occurs quickly, and soon enough, crashes and burns. After transforming her wardrobe, Colin quickly swoops in to help Pen with her socializing skills. Miraculously, their lessons, though intimate in nature, work. Penelope lands the attention of Lord Debling. However, in a messy tragedy of errors, Penelope and Colin’s secret is exposed by Eloise, making Penelope the laughingstock of the ton. But without Regency Era knowledge, it can be a bit hard to understand why this scenario was so scandalous in the first place.

When it comes to Bridgerton’s ton, there are countless unspoken rules and traditions surrounding the courting season that must not be broken, though they often are, especially by the Bridgerton family. One of these unspoken rules is that a lady must win the attention of a suitor using her own merits. Women dress in their finest clothes and attend balls where they share their skills, passions, and intentions in order to get an eligible man to marry them.

Furthermore, there are codes between men and women that this situation also breaks. Generally, men and women who are single and of marrying age should never be in a room alone together. A chaperone must always be present, or at least, right outside the door. When it is revealed that Colin was giving Penelope help, it was revealed that they were spending inappropriate time together. This is made even worse when considering the different statuses of Pen and Colin. The Bridgerton family is very well off, led by a Viscount, whereas the Featheringtons are poorer and have no male heir.

In reality, the revelation of Colin’s matchmaking simply shines a spotlight on what was already occurring between Penelope and Colin. Since season 1, the two have always found time to be alone together in order to chat, and though Colin’s intentions were always platonic, this is still considered inappropriate for Regency society. On top of that, Colin and Pen have always sent letters to each other, and confided in each other, even when Penelope was presented to court. If anything, the matchmaking was simply the last straw.

Overall, the fact that Colin helped Penelope find a husband during Bridgerton season 3, part 1 does a lot of things. First and foremost, it allows Colin and Pen to be close again, and puts them in situations where romance may ensue. On the flip side, this scenario also brings added scandal to Penelope, who is already disliked by the ton. And finally, this matchmaking ultimately leads to Penelope finding a match, which pushes Colin to realize his feelings. In this way, in just a few episodes, Bridgerton sets the ball rolling for Colin and Penelope’s unexpected romance.