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Venom's Powers Get a Disgusting Upgrade as Marvel Debuts New ZOMBIOTES

venom with zombie symbiote

Marvel’s symbiotes are going to war, as Eddie Brock faces off against his own son and his former symbiote in the earth-shaking Venom War. Two versions of Venom will clash like never before, with only one walking away with the title of Marvel’s official Venom. However, they’re not the only symbiotes involved, as a new interloper will add the terrifying Zombiotes to the fray.

In an exclusive series reveal from Looper, Marvel has announced that August 28 will see the debut of a new, three-issue Venom War: Zombiotes miniseries. The series will see a new strain of symbiote join the Venom War, with the ability to resurrect the dead as monsters and imbue the living with an unbearable hunger.

While Venom has been able to possess multiple people before, it’s never been capable of spreading virally in the way described. This new Zombiote army could turn the tide of the Venom War, especially once fans find out which side they’re fighting on. Speaking to Looper, Cavan Scott says:

Recently, Eddie Brock became the King in Black – the god of the symbiote species, able to access any symbiote across time and space and project his own mind into its body. Sadly, Eddie was quickly overcome by his powers, becoming lost in time. He left his son Dylan in the present with the original Venom symbiote, and the younger Brock has been searching for his father ever since, all while dodging anti-symbiote villains and learning dark truths about his origins and unique connection to symbiotes. Now, Eddie is coming back, changed by his experiences at the end of time, where he’s learned the evil symbiote Meridius is his future self, trapped in a torturous time loop.

Usually in Marvel lore, all symbiotes have essentially the same powers, though sometimes applied in different ways (for instance, Venom only recently realized he could shapeshift his symbiote goo to create wings, giving him the power of flight.) However, past symbiotes haven’t had the ability to create Zombiotes, suggesting that Marvel may be trying out a new approach where each symbiote has more unique powers.

Beginning in August 7’s Venom War #1 (from Al Ewing and Iban Coello), the event will see symbiotes including the empowered ‘God Butcher’ Carnage, Agent Anti-Venom, Black Widow, Red Goblin, Flexo, Sleeper and more taking sides to support either Eddie or Dylan. Now, fans know a new symbiote strain will also be part of the battle, adding an army of powerful zombies to the huge roster of heroes and villains duking it out in Venom War.

Venom War: Zombiotes #1 is coming from Marvel Comics August 28, 2024.

Source: Liam McGuire, Looper