Trouble As Truck Driver Crushes Soldier To Death And Flees, Angry Soldiers


A soldier was tragically killed on Tuesday at Orile bus stop, Iganmu, in Lagos, after being struck by a truck belonging to a logistics company.

According to reports, the driver was attempting to escape from extortionists who were demanding money from commercial bus drivers at the Orile section of the Badagry expressway.

Disregarding the accident, the driver hastily fled the scene. However, other soldiers who witnessed the incident pursued the truck.

After a chase, the soldiers managed to apprehend the truck at the Mile 2 bus stop, although the conductor managed to escape.

Shola James, a trader at Orile, recounted, “The truck’s back tyre crushed the soldier’s head. I couldn’t bear to look at the body again.”

Another witness, a vulcanizer, asserted that the soldier was riding his motorcycle when the truck collided with him, resulting in his instant death.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, disclosed, “After the incident, the DPO of Orile Police Station and his men visited the scene and saw the soldier’s body. The soldiers returned with the truck and driver but took them and the soldier’s body back to their barracks.”