“Take out of your money or salary to buy shawarma and things to satisfy yourself. God wants you to enjoy your life” – Pastor advises church members (VIDEO)


A Nigerian pastor of the Agape Spring Int has admonished his church members not to forget to enjoy the fruit of their labour because they are deserving.

In the now circulated video, the pastor was partly quoted saying,

“E dey pain you to eat sharwama, you earn 120k, 60k, whatever. You can’t take out time. You sa this money I know what it can do for me. It cannot do anything, eat it. Are you listening to me, God wants you to enjoy your life. One of the things that causes depression is that you are not enjoying your work. Take a percentage of your income and rock it. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel bad…”

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Read the comments of Nigerians who agree with his teaching:

@Blessing Akuakanwa: I’ll buy it Sir. If I perish I perish 🏃‍♀️
@Peters Ifeoluwa Jessica: This is funny but it’s true ooo. When I think of mum’s health and drugs like this to buy one thing for myself becomes hard. I have been thinking of ways to change that.
@Baba Shindara: Make my wife nur sha see this video oh.. My plans this month don enter bush be that..😂
@Dèbanke Yemi Bamgbopa: Me every eke market day😂
@Olawunmi Sanni: This month salary don get budget already. I feel guilty 😩
@Gift Ifeanyi Anyanwu: I’ve made a decision to always get my self something beautiful every month I get my salary. Because at the end of the day , you don’t even know how the money go waka leave your account.

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