Sanusi May Return On Friday


Kano is gripped by tension as the government moves to revoke the law utilized by Abdullahi Ganduje’s administration to dethrone former Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi.

There are reports that Governor Abba Yusuf of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) might dissolve certain Emirates and reinstate former Emir Muhammad Sanusi after the law amendment is ratified.

Abdul Labaran Madari, the minority leader of the assembly, informed BBC Hausa Service that while 12 APC members in the assembly don’t oppose the amendment, they demand assurances that no Emirates will be dissolved and Emir Aminu Ado Bayero won’t be deposed and replaced by Sanusi.

Madari alleged the ruling party’s plans to dissolve Bichi Emirate and reinstate Sanusi adding that NNPP lawmakers have the required numbers to pass the amendment in the Assembly.

Anxiety looms, with sources noting the absence of both the Emir of Kano and the Emir of Bichi, who are reportedly out of town. Speculation mounts as to the implications.

As the Kano Assembly convenes for a special session today, anticipation heightens. Some insiders have spoken on the issue and what may happen next. “As you can see, the Emir of Kano is already out of town, he is in faraway Ogun State, so, who knows…,” a source said. “His brother, the Emir of Bichi, is also out of town. We don’t know whether this is a coincidence or whatever,” he said.

Another insider said as soon as the Kano Assembly members signed the bill which will reverse the creation of the emirates, the governor will not hesitate to sign it. “He is just waiting for the bill to come, and you know that once he assent to it, it means the deposed emir would most likely return, latest by Friday. “They are all out to achieve this, but I heard from credible sources that some of the emirs might survive…The governor will initiate another amendment. The target now is the Kano emir,” he said.