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Return To Silent Hill: Cast, Story Details & Everything We Know

pyramid head with welcome sign

New information about Return to Silent Hill makes it one of the most anticipated adaptations in recent memory. The reboot is part of the Silent Hill movie series, which is based on the survival-horror video game franchise from Konami. The first Silent Hill movie depicts a mom’s fight to find her daughter in the titular town — encountering billowing fog, a cult, and demons in the process. A direct sequel called Silent Hill: Revelation followed the first movie, tanking in the eyes of critics and audiences alike.

Return to Silent Hill will again send characters to the titular spooky town, which is modeled after Centralia, Pennsylvania, the real place that inspired Silent Hill and its backstory. Like the first movie, the production team behind Return to Silent Hill looked to the video game series for source material. Director Christophe Gans confirmed to IGN that the new movie will follow the plot of Silent Hill 2 while also modernizing the story. Though a lot is still unknown, the director and cast have shared many details about what fans can expect from Return to Silent Hill.

After months of near silence regarding the highly-anticipated video game movie, the latest news comes in the form of the first picture from Return to Silent Hill. Appropriately enough, the first production still revealed from the film is that of the franchise’s most iconic villain, Pyramid Head. The singular image shows the hulking monster stalking down a grim hallway wielding his iconic Great Knife weapon. It’s unclear how the creature fits into the story, but Pyramid Head’s return is a welcome sign that the movie is paying homage to the games.

See the production image below:

In June 2022, director Christophe Gans revealed a new Silent Hill movie was in the works and that it would be a franchise reboot. Gans directed the original Silent Hill after falling in love with the video games. For months, that was the only information available about Return to Silent Hill. Then, in October 2022, Konami further confirmed the movie with a teaser trailer. Unlike a conventional teaser or preview, this video featured interviews with Gans and Producer Victor Hadida. It focused on their goals in making the new movie and presented storyboard artwork.

The production has remained pretty tight-lipped about the actors in the movie. However, in March 2023, Return to Silent Hill revealed some casting details: Jeremy Irvine will play the protagonist, James, and Hannah Emily Anderson will portray his long-lost love, Mary. Irvine is best known for his roles in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and War Horse. He has also dabbled in the horror genre before, acting as Harrow Burnstow in The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. Anderson is a popular horror actor who performed in the movies Jigsaw and Dark Nature.

Based on the source material, the Silent Hill reboot will follow a man named James Sunderland (Jeremy Irvine) who receives a letter luring him to the titular town in order to find his one true love, Mary (Hannah Emily Anderson). His interactions with the evil forces in the town will cause him to question his grasp on reality. The teaser trailer confirmed that audiences will see familiar monsters return as well as new ones. Based on the first production images Return to Silent Hill will feature the return of the infamous villain, Pyramid Head.