Power Is Power As Rivers State LGA Staff Receive Salaries Without Impute From Council Chairmen.

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Secondus, Omehia & Fubara.

 Today without noise the Rivers State Government has
paid directly to Staff of the various local government councils, through the
Local Government service commission & their principal officers without the
input of the local government Chairmen.

More interesting to note is that those of the Emohua
Council that were unconstitutionally sacked by HON CHIDI LLOYD the outgoing
chairman of the Emohua Local Government without the ratification of the Local
Government Service commission a body responsible for such exercise, have all
received 3 months salaries with a promise by the Governor to cover the
remaining months they were deliberately and wickedly deprived of their

The actions of Governor Sim has shown that, he has fully
assumed office as the Executive Governor of Rivers State and is relishing on
the powers of his office that he is effortlessly channeling to the welfare of
Rivers people and not an infinitesimal or miniscule political class.

It’ll be widespread joy as Rivers people are waiting to
peacefully escort the present crop of serving Local Government Chairmen out of
office on the 17th of June 2023 which is the expiration of their constitutional
3years of 1term, some of whom allowed service to themselves and servicing of a
wicked structure take centre-stage than service to the people and staff of
Local Government Areas. Let it be known that Rivers people are ready to match
them and their threats of mayhem after seeking a purported and unconstitutional
extension of office by 6 months from a non existent Assembly members. 

(1)You’ll recall that, when the political imbroglio that
rocked Rivers State Started, that saw some Local Government Chairmen who
hitherto had no voice of their own suddenly started challenging GOVERNOR SIM,
recklessly & disrespectfully fixed words against him and some openly
trampled on the rights of those who were brave enough to declare support for
the Governor.

(2)Some Chairmen moved by useless loyalty and wickedness,
went as far as seizing the salaries of political appointees and elected
councillors under them because of their support for Sim, which eventually gave
room to state wild call for  Governor Sim to rise and act in defence
of his supporters against these sworn political fundamentalists and
undemocratic characters.

(3)As has been the common practice in the State for the
last 8years, though undeserving of an Executive Office, Rivers people wanted
the Governor to talk tough like his predecessor did against his sworn
detractors  acting as Council chairmen,because we have been so wired
to believe that any form of decency or decorum is weakness, but little did they
know that, there is a lot strength in demonstrating calmness in the mist of

(4)The reason behind the window of calmness by GOVERNOR
SIM which has since elapsed is not farfetched, as he said that all these while
he applied restraint because he felt it was a minor family issue that’ll be
resolved internally as family, but surprisingly his supposed family members
have taken his silence for weakness and have gone ahead to sabotage his efforts
through unguided statements, mayhem unleashed on his supporters, and the
purported whittling down of the powers that makes him a Governor.

(5)Little did these characters know that the Governor was
just approaching issues unconventionally for the interest of Rivers State, as
he wouldn’t want to engage any of them in gutter words as he was being
preempted to but today the chicken have come home to roast.

We once warned some of these misfits called Chairmen
that, GOVERNOR SIM should not be goaded into exercising the immense authority
of his office to the fullest but they called our bluff, that has given rise to

Truly the jungle don mature in Rivers State.

Written by By Ezebunwo Ichemati.