POV: Your abus!ve boyfriend sl@ps you with birthday cake because you did not hold the kn!fe well when cutt!ng the cake (WATCH)


A viral video of how a boyfriend hits his babe with cake during a celebratory event has sparked indignation and heated reactions online.

What had caused the bone of contention was her failure to clutch the knife they both held together to cut the cake to his satisfaction.

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His next action triggered the public as they watched him slam the girl’s face with the cake and double it with a resounding slap which left her dazed for a few seconds.

When the girlfriend regained composure to hit back, the men around held her back to avoid a dirty fight but she would not be pacified. The man has somewhat cooled off and ran to a distance.

Screenshot 2024 05 22 163307Screenshot 2024 05 22 163307

Netizens were annoyed at the incident, they proceeded to heap insults at the abusive boyfriend in the comments of the video. Read some of the comments,

@Oluwatobby Andrè: Thun.der will fi.re those people wey dey hold that girl ooo.

@Benedict Onyia: The girl will still go back to him tmoro..

@Kudomo Kudomoetim: Na the girl temper I love even with the knife some women for done visit jail now to chill with the Devil who send him to earth

@Chioma Nwobodo: Her calmness 😌😌Cos if na me hold that knife,na kirikiri 😩😩

@Osa Senaga: Look at them , useless beasts all holding her, pressing her breasts tapping current. And this is how it is in society. They never restrain the offender, they never blame the predator. It’s the prey they focus on and try to silent .

@Daniel Kelechi Emeaso: Person wey she suppose rush put hole for him belly immediately after that slap 🤣🤣🤣

@Goodness Nnabuihe: People take risks in life! Slapping someone with knife? Haq