Osun State Family Physicians Mark World Family Doctors Day with a Call for Sustainable Healthcare


On the occasion of World Family Doctors Day, Dr. Tunde Afolabi, Chairman of the Society of Family Physicians of Nigeria (SOFPON), Osun State Chapter, delivered a powerful speech emphasizing the critical role of family physicians in achieving the theme “Healthy Planet, Healthy People.”

In his address, Dr. Afolabi highlighted the multifaceted responsibilities of family physicians, underscoring their essential role in the healthcare system. “As family physicians, we are the backbone of our healthcare system, providing primary care to our communities and playing a vital role in preventing and managing diseases,” he stated.

SOFPON 2Dr. Afolabi outlined the contributions of family physicians at various levels of care:

1. **Primary Care:** Serving as the first point of contact, they provide preventive care, diagnose and manage acute and chronic illnesses, and refer patients to specialists when necessary.
2. **Secondary Care:** In hospitals and clinics, they offer specialized care, manage complex medical conditions, perform procedures, and coordinate with other healthcare professionals.
3. **Tertiary Care:** In specialized hospitals and academic institutions, they provide highly individualized care, conduct research, and educate medical students and residents.

He emphasized the need to remind both the public and the medical community of the vital roles family physicians play in promoting health equity, disease prevention, and comprehensive care. Dr. Afolabi listed key roles of family physicians, which include being preventive care providers, health promoters, patient advocates, care coordinators, and sustainable healthcare champions.

Dr. Afolabi particularly focused on the importance of sustainable healthcare practices. He urged family physicians to:

– Promote sustainable healthcare practices and reduce waste.
– Educate patients on the impact of environmental health on human health.
– Advocate for policies addressing climate change and health equity.
– Support community initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability.
– Collaborate on developing sustainable healthcare systems and conducting relevant research.

Professor Olaitan
Uniosun Teaching Hospital CMD And Dr Tunde Afolabi Osun OFPON Chairman

“In Osun State, we have made significant strides in improving healthcare outcomes, and I am proud of the contributions that family physicians have made to this achievement. However, we still face challenges, and we must continue to work together to address them,” he noted.

Dr. Afolabi called on his colleagues to persist in their efforts to provide quality care and advocate for sustainable practices. He also extended his gratitude to the distinguished guests for their support and leadership in the healthcare system, and to the patients and communities for their trust.

“As we celebrate World Family Doctors Day, we recognize the critical role that family physicians play in providing preventive care, promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing unnecessary prescriptions, and advocating for environmental health,” Dr. Afolabi said. “Let us recommit ourselves to this critical mission and work together to create a healthcare system that prioritizes the wellbeing of both people and the planet.”

The celebration concluded with a reaffirmation of commitment to the mission of SOFPON, and a collective call to action for a healthier and more sustainable future.