The Federal Government has announced a groundbreaking initiative to support 5,000 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members with N10 million each to fund their entrepreneurial ventures upon completion of their service year. This significant development was revealed by Dr. Jamila Ibrahim, the Minister of Youth Development, during an inaugural meeting with the NYSC management and heads of Corps Producing Institutions (CPI) in Abuja on Monday.


Key Highlights of the Announcement

Dr. Ibrahim emphasized that this funding is a crucial component of forthcoming NYSC reforms,  different from the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund program scheduled for 2024. The minister underscored the administration’s dedication to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth, with a strong emphasis on integrating skills development into the NYSC program.


Strategic Vision for the NYSC

The initiative aims to transform the NYSC into a self-sustaining and revenue-generating entity within five years, with strategic investments in critical sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, garment making, communication, and digital banking. To expedite this vision, a six-month abridged version of the National Youth Skills program is set to commence this year.

Call to Action for Educational Leaders

Dr. Ibrahim called on educational leaders to enhance the intellectual and civic capacities of Nigerian youth. She emphasized the administration’s objective to drive innovation and economic growth through youth-led ventures, highlighting this initiative as part of a broader strategy to position Nigeria as a trillion-dollar economy by leveraging the potential of its young population.


Broader Implications for Nigeria’s Economy

This initiative reflects a comprehensive strategy to harness the energy and creativity of Nigeria’s youth, positioning them at the forefront of economic transformation. With this substantial financial backing, the government aims to empower young entrepreneurs, fostering a new generation of business leaders who will contribute to the nation’s economic development and global competitiveness.

In conclusion, this initiative represents a monumental step towards realizing the entrepreneurial potential of NYSC members, providing them with the resources and support necessary to launch successful ventures. The Federal Government’s commitment to this cause underscores its vision of a prosperous, innovative, and self-reliant Nigeria.