Nigerians Puzzled As Wrǝcked Bugatti And Costly Vehicles Were Spotted In A Compound (VIDEO)


A viral video has captured the attention of Nigerians, showing a scene of a wrecked Bugatti and several other high-end vehicles sitting in a compound, seemingly abandoned.

The sight of these luxury vehicles, which would typically command very high prices on the market, in such a state of disrepair has sparked discussion and speculation among social media users.


The damaged blue Bugatti, which according to the footage, resembled a Bentley, was found with deflated tires and partially covered with plywood, indicating a severe level of neglect.


Alongside the Bugatti, a multi-million naira Lexus SUV and an equally costly Range Rover were also spotted within the same compound, adding to the mystery.

Netizens have been abuzz with theories and questions, as they attempt to understand the mystery behind the fate of these prized possessions.

As the video continues to circulate and generate discussions, it has raised questions about the story behind these abandoned luxury vehicles and the circumstances that led to their current state of neglect.

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@andriano_ekene : “Old Money In Abuja🥶🥶🥶”

@oluaola“Na watin abuja boys dey use be that na why dem dey drive for night😂😂

@iam_jasper_jay : “The owner no sabi maintain 😂😂”

@arewa007 : “Nothing last for ever👌”

@ayywealth : “Your doings nah some people throwback 😂😂”


See the video below: