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NADECO supports Gov Fubara, denounces godfatherism amidst Rivers crisis

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The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), USA chapter, has issued a stern warning against the escalating political turmoil in Rivers State and has thrown its unequivocal support behind Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

The organization emphasized its staunch opposition to the entrenchment of godfatherism in Nigerian politics, particularly in Rivers State.

Amidst the ongoing crisis involving Governor Fubara, factional members of the state House of Assembly, political appointees, and former Rivers Governor and current Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Chief Nyesom Wike, NADECO has voiced its disapproval of the destabilizing influence of godfatherism in the region.

In a statement released by its President, Mr. Lloyd Ukwu, NADECO condemned godfatherism as a detrimental practice that undermines democracy, transparency, and the rule of law.

The group emphasized the need to resist any attempts to manipulate the political landscape by powerful individuals who seek to impose their will and interests through the selection of less influential candidates.

The statement read in part, “NADECO USA underscores the dire consequences of allowing such practices to take root in Nigeria, particularly in Rivers, which include circumventing term limits, perpetuating power imbalances, and shielding individuals with dubious pasts from accountability.

“All over the world when you mention the name ‘godfather’ what quickly comes to mind is the movie “The Godfather” and the criminal mafia and mob world of the Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno, and Colombo crime families.

“However, in Nigeria the scourge of godfatherism and gangsterism has negatively affected the people in terms of the dividends of democracy.”

It urged the people of Rivers to rally behind Fubara and reject the machinations of those seeking to impose godfatherism upon them.

NADECO USA said, “The dire ramifications of succumbing to such political machinations, which threaten to erode the fabric of society and imperil the democratic experiment in Nigeria.

“Godfatherism must not only be stamped out in Rivers but in the entire country and in our political and administrative systems. These corruptive tendencies increase the financial base of the godfathers by creating a wide range of problems in our politics and administration.

“This must be tackled head-on because they use such monies to place their godsons and proteges in various positions of government. The deleterious effects of godfatherism are abundantly clear, as evidenced by the erosion of electoral integrity, the stifling of dissent, and the consolidation of power in the hands of a select few.

“NADECO USA calls for a united front against this pernicious practice, emphasising the importance of safeguarding the principles of democracy, accountability, and transparency.”

NADECO’s intervention underscores the gravity of the political crisis in Rivers State and highlights the importance of upholding democratic principles and fostering transparent governance processes.

By aligning itself with Governor Fubara and denouncing godfatherism, NADECO reaffirms its commitment to promoting democratic values and safeguarding the integrity of Nigeria’s political system.

As tensions continue to escalate in Rivers State, NADECO’s stance serves as a rallying cry for advocates of democracy and proponents of accountable leadership. The organization’s endorsement of Governor Fubara’s leadership represents a significant show of solidarity in the face of mounting challenges and underscores the imperative of collective action in defending democratic ideals.