‘Mother of two, was in depression’ – Fresh facts emerge on Idoma girl found dead in Abuja, Margaret Atayi

Margaret atayi oyibo

Fresh facts have emerged about the circumstances surrounding the death of Margaret Oyibo Atayi, the Benue girl who was found dead in the Karshi area of Abuja.

NewsNGR reports that Oyibo was found dead days after she was declared missing by her family.

However, findings by this reporter have shown that the young woman died as a result of a failed marriage. According to her sister, she was married to a man from Orokam, but the marriage hit the rocks.

After that, the lady went into depression and decided to take her life.

The source said, “This is very unfortunate. In an effort to search for her, I reached out to her father and discovered that she was a mother of two children and that she went into depression for some time, which led to her going out that Friday night at 3 am without anyone’s knowledge, resulting in this unfortunate incident.

“Please, no one should die in silence, no matter the situation you find yourself in. Please speak out; you could be helped and overcome it. Nothing is worth taking your life for or dying for. Above all, embrace God and enjoy the peace of God.”