Massive Crowd Flood Streets As Funeral Procession Begins For Iran President


The funeral procession for Iran’s late President Ebrahim Raisi commenced on Tuesday morning in Tabriz, less than 48 hours after his helicopter tragically crashed into a mountainside in the country’s northwest region, claiming his life and those of other occupants.

Amidst a sea of mourners filling the streets, accompanied by heavily armed guards, Iranian officials and dignitaries paid homage to the fallen leader through speeches, music, and prayers.

The accident, occurring on Sunday morning amidst foggy weather, also claimed the lives of other high-ranking officials, including the country’s foreign minister, casting a pall of uncertainty over Iran’s hardline establishment amidst escalating regional tensions and domestic discontent.

Iran’s government declared multiple days of national mourning, culminating in a funeral later this week for the 63-year-old ultraconservative cleric, who was considered a potential successor to the current Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Tuesday’s ceremonies commenced with funeral prayers and a procession in Tabriz, the largest city in the mountainous northwestern region of Iran where the helicopter crash occurred.

According to Mohsen Mansouri, head of the funeral planning committee and Iran’s vice president of executive affairs, “The day will start with prayers and a procession to honor President Raisi and the other officials who lost their lives in the crash.”

As the nation mourns, authorities continue to investigate the cause of the crash, leaving a significant void in Iran’s political landscape. The impact of Raisi’s demise on the country’s future leadership and its management of both internal and external challenges remains uncertain.

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Image credit: Sky News/Getty Images