Man Left Heart Broken After Discovering His 12-Month Savings Decayed In His Piggy Bank (VIDEO)

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In a heartbreaking turn of events, a man’s saving for his future plans has been crushed after breaking open his piggy bank only to find his hard-earned money in a state of decay.

The man, who had diligently saved his cash for the past 12 months, was devastated to discover that the various denominations of 1,000 naira and 500 naira notes he had carefully stashed away had become damaged and rotten.


“I used Kolo to save for months when I opened and then I saw this,” the man wrote referring to the traditional piggy bank he had been using to accumulate his savings.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media shows the man’s distressed reaction as he sifts through the decaying bills.

The incident has resonated with many, sparking discussions about the importance of proper money management and the risks associated with relying on such methods of saving.

As the man comes to terms with his devastating loss, the viral video has undeniably garnered the attention of netizens and viewers alike, leading to mixed reactions.

See some comments below:

@nikkyo660 : “Maybe water entered inside the Kolo”

@effedeborah : “Na why I prefer PiggyVest be this.. i, zero wahala”

@official__tmaureen“Una never still learn for this kolo thing 

@milly_accessories_01 : “We cancel wasted effort IJN .Amen!”

@builder_laycon : “What happened to Cowrywise”


See the video below: