“If God say I will diə through infəction so be it, everything is destiny” – Woman explain reasons she would never leave her chəating husband


A woman’s declaration of unwavering love for her husband despite his cheating ways has intrigued the internet and set it rolling.

The woman shared her thoughts in the comment section of a similar trend on Facebook about how nobody is perfect including her cheating husband and so should not be left or condemned.

In response to a comment, she was quoted saying,

“God knows the best my dear, all i believe is if God says I will die through infection so be it. Everything is about destiny. Okay men will always be men nobody is perfect they will always cheat. The devil you know is better than greater than the angel you don’t know as long as he provides for his family.”

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The tweet

Read the response of netizens to her steep assertion:

@Brown C Chinyere: But many women are on this table, is it because this lady spoke up, because explain to me why a woman will be treating gonorrhea, syphilis, come down with genital herpes and she praying on mount Sinai every day for the man to change.

@Eze Cynthia: This one don go. Even 72 hours of advice and counseling cannot redeem her

@Fife Sikemi: Who won perish go perish. Know that you can not save some people.

@Mmeyene Moses: True definition of “We die here”… 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

@Ekanade Ayodele: Nothing shocks me again. Grown woman willing to die because of an unfaithful partner. A wi tan, o wi pe, “if God says..” Pray tell, which God is she talking about?

@Rose Ogechukwu Onwuamaeze: Men’s definition of peace of mind

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