“How is yahoo the norm in my state” – Rapper Erigga lamǝnts about the high rate of unemployment in Delta state


Nigerian rapper Erigga has taken to the microblogging platform X, to lament about the high rate of unemployment in Delta state.

The rapper went on to discuss the varieties of jobs graduates and youths in the state have succumbed themselves too.

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According to Erigga’s tweet cyber fraud, prostitution, kidnapping, and others have become a norm in the society.

Due to the unavailability of jobs, youths have reduced themselves to following politicians about, with the hope of getting financial assistance in return.

While others have resorted to participating in illegal activities to make ends meet.

His tweet read;

“Yahoo Keke pos hookup and Ssa or follow Oga Waka = delta state So the only way to make am for delta state na to follow politicians Waka? Hmmmm Abi where all the graduates when finish for the state Dey work since all the companies don match. WHATS THE FUTURE OF THE YOUTHS IN DELTA STATE? You go see mature brah 45-50 years carry phone and bag Dey follow one chairman for Asaba with the hope say small thing fit drop … watch word —- FIT DROP How is yahoo the norm in my state To the point Okada no Dey wan carry regular citizens cos they can’t pay the ridiculous prices they charge? Who Dey pay all those expensive rent with civil servants salary? You guess right.

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