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Gov Fubara Boasts: ‘My one year in office better than their eight years’

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Sim Fubara, the Governor of Rivers State, has boldly asserted that his administration has achieved remarkable progress in infrastructure development within just one year of assuming office, surpassing the accomplishments of his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, who served for eight years.

Governor Fubara made this declaration during the inauguration of the Andoni section of the Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo Unity Road project in Ngo Town, Andoni Local Government Area, at the weekend.

Highlighting his administration’s commitment to delivering on its promises, Governor Fubara pledged to continue implementing impactful infrastructural projects across the state.

He stated, “Like I said the other day, we just started. We started about three or four months ago but I am very happy that if we have to assess ourselves within those three months, we have done better than people who stayed for eight years, I stand to be challenged.”

Governor Fubara’s remarks come amidst ongoing tensions between his administration and the Federal Capital Territory Minister shortly after assuming office.

Earlier in the week, the governor asserted his dominance over his political adversaries, claiming that they now lived in constant vigilance and restlessness.