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Genshin Impact Natlan Leaks: Pyro Archon Is Stealing Another Character's Best Feature

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A new leak about Natlan’s Pyro Archon in Genshin Impact 5.0 has just arisen, hinting at the character using a feature present in another fan-favorite playable unit. The popular action RPG is currently gearing up for the release of the Nation of Pyro. While none of its contents has actually been revealed so far, there have been hints as to what players can expect, as well as some leaks detailing upcoming mechanics. In fact, there have even been leaks about the introduction of a mount system in Genshin Impact’s Natlan region. Other leaks detail the map, characters, and more.

This article contains spoilers about the story of the game so far and speculation on what may occur in the Natlan storyline.

Officially, players know that Natlan is the sixth major Nation of Teyvat and is reigned by the principle of War. It is the Nation of Pyro and is also said to be a region filled with dragons who have made their way into society. The game has also revealed that the Fatui Harbinger known as Capitano has infiltrated the area and will play some part in the ongoing conflicts in Natlan. Now, more leaks about the region are starting to be shared, and one of the most recent ones delves into details about the Pyro Archon in Genshin Impact.

Some rumored information about the Pyro Archon’s design had been revealed earlier this year but, now, new leaks mentions that the character may actually have two forms. According to information obtained by Seele Leaks, which was then shared by a user on Reddit, the Pyro Archon of Natlan will have two forms, one of which is represented by what they describe as a “girl” form, and the other is said to take on an adult female body type. … also mentions some rumors about characters, the upcoming storyline, skins, and design changes for Natlan’s map in Genshin Impact.

The information provided by Seele Leaks goes into detail when describing both of the rumored Pyro Archon forms that will allegedly arrive with Natlan. According to the leak, the first form will have the character boasting a golden mask and wearing a red and white dress adorned by blue and purple feathers. As mentioned by the leak itself, the design is referent to the same leak that occurred earlier this year. If this is true, then it is possible the character will have white skin, orange hair, and red eyes. The recent Genshin Impact leak also hints at more details.

According to Seele Leaks, the aforementioned feathers in this rumored form of the Pyro Archon will be from a robin, which coincides with the rumored design prototype of the Electro Sovereign allegedly being based on a robin. The leak mentions that the Electro Sovereign, however, will have very little screen time and will not be playable for the foreseeable future. In addition to that, the leak also depicts what is the rumored second form of the Pyro Archon. The adult female form of Natlan’s ruler in Genshin Impact will allegedly wear a red and black hat with red feathers.

They will also allegedly have flame-shaped pupils, which could reflect their alignment to Pyro. The leaks say that the Archon’s second form has red-gradient hair with golden tips that ends in a ponytail. Regarding their hair, the leak says it has two locks on the front side of their head. The leak mentions that Genshin Impact’s Pyro Archon will adorn themselves with a stack of white feathers on their chest and wear a waist belt, tight white pants, black leg rings, long black boots, black and red gloves, and top it off with a red cloak with golden edges.

While the only information provided by the leak about the Pyro Archon’s two forms is related to their design, there may be some hints as to how this will influence the game. Narratively, the two Pyro Archon forms could actually explain the mysterious circumstances of Murata’s alleged disappearance. There could actually be two Pyro Archons, as originally suggested, but instead of operating independently, they may share the same body, which shifts shapes. Of course, this is mere speculation, but there is merit to how this could work in Genshin Impact.

In Sumeru, Lesser Lord Kusanali, otherwise known as Buer or Nahida, is something akin to the reincarnation of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. Both play the role of the Dendro Archons in different time periods, though they are, elementally, one and the same, even if living in different bodies and eras. In Fontaine, the Hydro Archon Focalors had a proxy servant playing her role under the gaze of the Heavenly Principles so as to deceive them and liberate the people of the Nation of Justice. Natlan’s Archon could have some personality-based scheme in play, too.

It is uncertain exactly how these two forms of the Pyro Archon will interact with each other if the leak is true. However, it could take inspiration from Furina in Genshin Impact, who arguably has two forms. The proxy to the Hydro Archon can alternate her alignments within the Arkhe system and, with that, effectively change her role in a team comp. Furina’s mechanic allows her to instantly swap from a healer to a sub-DPS and vice-versa without much complication during gameplay, and this could inspire the gameplay design for the rumored Pyro Archon.

By taking Furina as an example, the Pyro Archon’s two forms could each represent one type of role in a party and, by alternating quickly, allow players to have access to an extremely versatile and adaptable playable character. This would also allow the Archon to have more importance over regular 5-star characters. They would not necessarily be stronger, but allowing them to play two roles in a single unit offers the character a chance to live up to their godly reputation in Genshin Impact.

For now, leaks about Natlan should be taken with an extra degree of caution, as a lot of the information may be inaccurate or simply subject to heavy changes before the official release. Even so, the increased influx of Natlan leaks is starting to mold what the region will be and what type of story will be told, even if much is speculation. As the game approaches one of its final regions, however, it is expected that larger and more important lore details about Genshin Impact start being introduced, and Natlan is the perfect stage for that.

Source: Reddit