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Dune Prequel Series Reveals 2 New Characters, Casts An Award-Winning Bollywood Star

dune prophecy

An accomplished Bollywood star and a South Korean actor have both been added to the cast of the forthcoming Dune prequel series Dune: Prophecy. Initially announced in 2019, this long-awaited Max series is an adaptation of the Sisterhood of Dune novel which predates the events of the original Dune film series. The show is set to chronicle the origin story of the Bene Gesserit as they undergo intense physical and mental training to obtain their unique and special powers. Following the announcement of the show, it has undergone different behind-the-scenes changes, which include cast exits and new additions.

Now, according to Variety, the forthcoming Dune: Prophecy has added legendary Indian actress Tabu and South Korean multimedia artist Jihae to its cast list. Tabu will reportedly play the recurring role of Sister Francesca, a character that has been described as strong, intelligent, and alluring, while Jihae will play Reverend Mother Kasha, who has been described as the Emperor’s own truthsayer and confidant.

Following the announcement of Dune: Prophecy in 2019, the upcoming show has undergone a challenging development process that has seen the show cycle through different showrunners and directors, which includes Denis Villeneuve, the current director of the Dune film series, Jon Spaihts, and Johan Renck, all of whom have now exited the show. These behind-the-scenes shake-ups have not been exclusive to the showrunners but even some of the actors that were initially announced to be joining the Dune: Prophecy cast.

After many adjustments and cast replacements, as seen in the Dune: Prophecy trailer, it is now confirmed that Olivia Williams and Emily Watson will be playing prominent roles. Williams is set to play the role of Tula Harkonnen, an early member of the House Harkonnen who murdered her husband Orry Atreides on her wedding night, while the latter is set to play Tula’s older sister, Mother Superior Valya Harkonnen, the second Reverend Mother Superior of the Bene Gesserit Order.

Another actor who will be appearing in the upcoming Dune: Prophecy series is British actor Mark Strong. The Shazam star is expected to play the role of Emperor Javicco Corrino, a character who has been described as a man from a great line of wartime Emperors. Other cast members include Jade Anouka, Travis Fimmel, Jodhi May, Chris Mason, and Edward Davis.

Source: Variety