Court Grants Shaibu’s Requests In Suit Against His


Justice James Kolawole Omotoso of the Federal High Court in Abuja has approved the request of the impeached Deputy Governor of Edo State, Phillip Shaibu, to join the Speaker of the state assembly in his suit contesting his impeachment.

The Judge also accepted the inclusion of the former Deputy Governor’s successor as a defendant in the case.

In his ruling on Wednesday regarding a motion filed by Shaibu, the Judge concurred with his counsel, Ayotunde Ogunleye SAN, asserting that both the Speaker and the new Deputy Governor are indispensable parties to the litigation.

Emphasizing the significance of the Speaker’s role in the impeachment process as outlined in Section 188 of the 1999 Constitution, the Judge deemed it imperative to involve him in the legal proceedings.

Justice Omotoso dismissed objections raised by the Speaker and the Deputy Governor against the motion, deeming them frivolous and lacking in merit.

Consequently, invoking Order 17 Rule 1 of the Federal High Court, the Judge ordered the Speaker and the Deputy Governor to be added as parties to the lawsuit.

Additionally, the court granted the former Deputy Governor permission to amend his initial summons to include the Speaker and the Deputy Governor as the 9th and 10th defendants in the case.

Furthermore, a hearing for the substantive suit has been scheduled for June 3, following an expedited hearing directive issued by the Judge.