BREAKING: Kano Assembly dethrones five Emirs, dissolves emirate councils created by Ganduje

Kano Assembly.fw

The Kano State House of Assembly has dissolved all four newly created emirate councils in the state.

This decision followed deliberations during a plenary session on Thursday, where the Kano State Emirates Council Amendment Bill was considered and passed through its second and third readings.

Deputy Speaker Muhammad Butu explained that repealing the law would restore Kano’s historical prestige, which had been diminished by the division of the Kano emirate into five parts. The Majority Leader, Alhaji Lawan Dala, added that the creation of the additional emirates had distorted the cultural heritage preserved by the original emirate council.

With the amendment, all four new emirate councils were abolished, leaving only the Kano Emirate. The House also adopted a motion to establish a new second-class emirate council in the state.