Baby decides to reunite community as the climbs to the roof of a story building (VIDEO)


A baby held people in suspense and tension as he crawled to the top of a roof and innocently went about his business while the people panicked.

How the child had gotten there was unexplainable as parents, neighbours and others gathered to save him from an imminent fall.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 161012
The baby on the roof

As seen in the video, some set of people down in the compound held a large wrapper directly spread out for when he fell while some men climbed to the nearest floor to where the boy lay.

The men eventually succeeded in laying hold of the toddler and bringing him to safety to the relief of everyone watching physically and online.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 161113Screenshot 2024 05 21 161113
The baby on the roof

Trailing this incident are netizens’ reactions to the frightening event. Read:

@Aquila Nwoye: God will bring children to this life, this same children will be looking for ways to go back to God by themselves 🤦🤦🤦

@Miracle Styles: Maybe a hawk left him there

@Royal Choco: This children of today are something else🤯 Thanks God they got the baby in time🙏🙏

@Ema Betty Okure: Kids will just wake up and decide to give the parents heart attack

@Mable Chisha: I am wondering how the child got there, i hope they didn’t put the child there for content.

@Jouvanne Singleton: Looks like a chute of some sort. Like maybe a trash chute for the building’s residents that leads to the outside and she/he climbed in.

@Elethu Mtiki: The kid was just fixing the roof. Let him do his job.

See the video below,