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All American Season 6's Shocking Character Return Could Finally Pay Off A Massive Season 5 Twist

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All American characters have come and gone throughout its six seasons, but one departure rattled the show and its characters, and their return in a season 6 episode can change everything. The CW sports drama, created by April Blair, is inspired by former professional football player Spencer Paysinger, with Daniel Ezra’s Spencer James serving as the character based on him. Like Spencer in All American, Paysinger grew up in South Los Angeles but attended Beverly Hills High School, where he played as a linebacker on the football team. However, the series takes many creative liberties when adapting Paysinger’s life story.

All American season 6 began with a time jump of one year and three months. During the first episode, Olivia returned from her study abroad program in London (which was originally only supposed to be three months, but she extended it by a year) and the forthcoming NFL draft loomed over Spencer and Jordan. Most of the season so far has further explored Spencer and Jordan’s NFL aspirations. However, one tragic twist from season 5 has undoubtedly continued to affect the characters and their stories in All American season 6, which will continue in episode 8.

Taye Diggs’ Coach Billy Baker shockingly died in All American season 5, but the actor is set to make a special guest appearance in a season 6 episode, which could pay off his abrupt departure from the CW show. Following season 5, episode 11, the characters struggled to come to terms with Billy’s death, especially Jordan and Olivia. Olivia has tried to honor her father in season 6 by writing a biography about his life, while Jordan has focused on making it to the NFL. Perhaps Digg’s guest role will finally give Jordan and Olivia the closure they need.

Several characters didn’t get to say goodbye to Billy, which is why they have continued to struggle with his death, even more than one year after the tragedy. So, when Billy returns (likely in visions) in All American season 6, episode 8, “Kids See Ghosts,” Jordan, Olivia, and the others may finally get a chance to say goodbye and get some much-needed advice in their time of need. Diggs’ character could also appear via flashbacks, but based on the episode’s title, it’s more likely that the characters will see him in visions, and Billy’s presence could change everything.

Some theorize that Taye Diggs’ Billy Baker somehow survived the bus crash in season 5, meaning the actor’s upcoming guest appearance will feature the revelation that Billy is still alive. Of course, All American is a CW show, so, anything is possible, including Billy previously making it out alive with amnesia, accounting for his absence ever since. However, Billy returning in a flashback or vision in All American season 6 is much more likely.