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90 Day Fianc's Thas Ramone Reveals Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformation In Before & After Photos

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Thaís Ramone from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise is proudly showing off her remarkable weight loss transformation after undergoing plastic surgery. Thaís made her debut in 90 Day Fiancé season 9 with her American partner, Patrick Mendes. Despite facing some challenges, including conflicts over Patrick’s brother John’s involvement in their relationship, the couple got married. When they returned to film Tell All, Thaís was pregnant with their first child, Aleesi. Thaís shared that she had gained 44 pounds during her pregnancy. After giving birth, Thaís lost 38 pounds within a year.

Thaís recently posted before and after photos of her entire body to showcase her progress five months after undergoing a “breast reduction + lift + implant.” Thaís explained that the photo on the left was taken a year ago when she was likely six months postpartum.

Despite looking great in both pictures, the new photo displayed her slimmer waist and toned abs, which she likely couldn’t achieve through exercise and dieting alone.

Thaís clarified that she didn’t undergo liposuction to lose weight from her tummy. She explained in the comments that she had a “breast lift with a very small implant” instead. Thaís mentioned that she chose smaller implants to match her body’s proportions, despite Patrick being unhappy about her decision. A curious Instagram user asked Thaís, “why a breast reduction and then implant?”She responded that her boobs were bigger than she wanted and “because there was a lot of sagging skin, so that when I breastfed my next child it wouldn’t sag as much.”

Seeing how well Thaís explained why she underwent plastic surgery is impressive. She doesn’t seem unconfident or have low self-esteem; she simply didn’t feel secure enough about her sagging breasts and decided to do something about it. Several 90 Day Fiancé franchise mothers have chosen similar cosmetic procedures to feel good about themselves. It’s possible that Thaís was inspired by Yara Zaya, who opted for breast implants after breastfeeding her daughter for 17 months, or Loren Brovarnik, who chose fat transfer to her breasts to make them look fuller.

Several cast members from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, such as Darcey and Stacey Silva, Jasmine Pineda, and Nikki Exotika, have faced accusations of becoming addicted to cosmetic procedures and suffering as a result. Thaís’ current plastic surgery results look great and natural. Hopefully, the 90 Day Fiancé star is happy with the outcome and won’t feel the need for further procedures, as elective surgery always carries risks.

Source: Thaís Ramone/Instagram