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90 Day Fianc: Jasmine Pineda's Latest Public Appearance Fuels Gino Palazzolo Split Rumors

90 day fianc jasmine pineda shares raw crying photo amid gino palazzolo split rumors

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Jasmine Pineda has been flying solo, sparking rumors of her breakup with Gino Palazzolo within a year of marriage. Jasmine, 37, from Panama met the 53-year-old Gino from Michigan on a dating app before they appeared in Before the 90 Days season 5. Jasmine and Gino got married in June 2023 despite having faced ups and downs such as cheating scandals, trust issues, and money problems. Jasmine and Gino have become one of the most prominent franchise couples since 2021, but it looks like Jasmine will be heading to The Single Life soon.

Redditor FutureNurse1 shared a photo of Jasmine after they spotted her “in the wild.”

Jasmine could be seen standing in the “regular TSA line” at the Detroit Metro Airport flying solo. Jasmine was wearing an all-black outfit with a black hat, a black backpack, and a black luggage trolley. Jasmine had a serious look on her face and her hair had been straightened out, making her look different from usual. The fan wrote that they lived “20ish minutes” away from Jasmine “ever since Jasmine moved to metro Detroit.” It was the first time they’d run into her in public.

As per the fan’s comment, Jasmine appears to have moved out of Gino’s house. Gino is from Canton and Jasmine might have moved out of his house into her own place a little away from where he stays. Jasmine sparked rumors of a split with Gino in early 2024 by removing all of his pictures from her Instagram feed. Jasmine has stopped wearing her wedding ring. She also cried about not receiving any gifts on her first Valentine’s Day after getting married to Gino. It’s as if Jasmine and Gino separated months before they could celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

In Happily Ever After? season 8, Jasmine was hardly happy after her wedding. Jasmine found out how Gino never mentioned her sons’ names in her visa application, leading to their delayed immigration. The stress took a toll on Jasmine, leading to her hair loss from alopecia. Jasmine decided she was going to compete in beauty pageants to boost her confidence. However, this meant that she had to crush Gino’s dream of having a baby with her. Jasmine told Gino upfront that she didn’t see herself getting pregnant. This could have been the real reason they have reportedly split up.

The couple has stayed quiet about their current relationship status on social media, mostly because their story is still on air and anything they reveal would be considered spoilers. Meanwhile, Jasmine has suggested that she has a new boyfriend in her life already. Jasmine’s TikTok videos hint at the presence of a man around her who has a voice deeper than Gino’s and she lovingly refers to him as Chihuahua. Jasmine and Gino had a promising future even if they were such opposites of each other. It’s unfortunate if they couldn’t get their 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Source: u/FutureNurse1/Reddit